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What does an extruder do in factory simulator?

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THE DEVELOPER GAVE ME AN INSANE NEW CODE Check out the NEW and long awaited Tier 5 Update for Factory Simulator! let me know your thoughts in Your YouTube · Carbon Meister Plays · Jun 7, 2021

Building TIER 2 BEST MACHINE in Factory Simulator (Roblox)Your browser can't play this video. Learn more. Switch camera.YouTube · Jellyfishjim · Jun 2, 2021MY FACTORY IS MAKING ME TRILLIONS! Factory Simulator setup I've been working on for Factory Simulator over night cause it's making me trillions! Let me know YouTube · Carbon Meister Plays · May 26, 2021

Using New Tier 6 Machines & Upgrading the Boat - YouTubeRoblox - Factory Simulator Playthrough - Episode 38 - Using New Tier 6 Plenty of progress will be made YouTube · Stanswich · Jul 11, 2021

Factory Simulator Roblox - How to build - Tier 2 [Compressed]Your browser can't play this video. Factory Simulator Roblox - How to build - Tier 2 [Compressed YouTube · Kirbi K · Jun 4, 2021How to use Assemblers in Roblox Factory Simulator? - Pro Jan 26, 2022 — A list of all of the Assemblers in Factory Simulator can be found below: Resinite Ingot moves through a Tier 3 Extruder and becomes 

ROBLOX Factory Simulator - Tier 1 Layout - YouTubeHere is a simple but very easy layout that can be duplicated multiple times using only a tier 1 layout. This is YouTube · Ryan & Kyle Gaming · Jul 6, 2021Tier 3 Extruder | Factory Simulator WikiTier 3 Extruder (also known as T3 Extruder) is an Upgrader Machine that is used specifically to upgrade materials that are Tier 3 and lower.

Expanding My ROBLOX FACTORY SIMULATOR - YouTubeWelcome to Roblox Factory Simulator where we build a huge industrial empire?! Can we get 500 Likes?YouTube · Seniac · May 28, 2021Factory Simulator Beginner Tutorial (Tips & Tricks) - YouTubeYour browser can't play this video. simulator roblox new game, roblox, factory simulator tips and tricks YouTube · Goatguy Gaming · Jun 2, 2021

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